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Full Circle Farm

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  • Johns Island, South Carolina 29455
  • 440-915-9241

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    Nature Comes Full Circle

    Farm-Raised Animals & Fresh Products

    At Full Circle Farm, we are passionate about preserving the family farm. We know that a little patience and a lot of love for the land and the animals we raise always yields a bountiful harvest. We provide farm-raised ducks, and goats, as well as fresh farm products including duck eggs and a wide assortment of seasonal produce. We also lease horse pastures for families interested in Self Care Boarding.

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    Welcome to Full Circle Farm

    A Family Operated Farm Serving the Greater Charleston South Carolina Community.

    Located on Johns Island, SC, Full Circle Farm takes great pride in maintaining a healthy and wholesome lifestyle for our animals and our produce. Our farm is home to a wide variety of goats, donkeys, ducks, and more - all available for purchasing. At Full Circle Farm, we’re committed to providing fresh and sustainable farm products to customers throughout the region.

    • Farm-Raised Goats
    • Farm-Raised Ducks
    • Farm-Raised Donkeys
    • Fresh Duck Eggs
    • Hand Raised Vegetables
    • Flowers
    • Herbs

    Our Farm Specialties

    While produce plays an essential role at every farm, animal husbandry is our greatest specialty at Full Circle Farm. We believe that caring for our animals and giving them the healthiest environment possible makes a big difference in the quality of our products.

    Goats & Donkeys

    Larger animals thrive when they receive a lot of attention and a consistent lifestyle. Fresh air, exercise, and a carefully-selected diet all play essential roles in the development of our goats and donkeys.

    Ducks & Duck Eggs

    Our ducks enjoy a wonderful lifestyle in both land and water. We provide them with a comfortable shelter and the perfect nesting environment to ensure eggs of the highest quality.

    Explore Our Bounty

    Interested in buying animals or produce lovingly-raised at Full Circle Farm? We invite you to see what we have to offer! Availability does vary from season to season.

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    Full Circle Farm takes pride in providing healthy, farm-raised animals and the freshest of products to our customers. If you would like to learn more about our farm or if you have questions about any of our animals or products, we invite you to reach out to us today.

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